Biomechanical Run Analysis

Whether suffering from long term injury, looking to improve performance or wanting a professional consultation for the prescription of running footwear our biomechanical run analysis provides runners with advanced gait analysis, dynamic pressure analysis & musculoskeletal assessment.  

Factors such as running technique, footwear choices, muscular weakness, imbalances & reduced joint range of movement can increase mechanical stress & load above levels at which our soft tissues can tolerate, leading to fatigue, reduced performance, eventual breakdown & injury.  

Our in-depth, evidence based consultation uses advanced technology with optogait & HD video gait analysis & rs scan dynamic pressure analysis to provide a 3 step approach for 

  • Identifying cause & mechanism of injury
  • Providing rehabilitation strategies
  • Prescription of foot orthoses
  • Prescription of running footwear

Included in this consultation

  • FREE Biomechanical Run Analysis Report
  • FREE Strength & Conditioning Exercises

What to wear

As we will be analysing your running and you will be required to run for 20 minutes please bring shorts, t shirt/vest & current running footwear 

3 Step Biomechanical Run Analysis

Musculoskeletal Assessment

  • Detailed History
  • Detailed Foot & Ankle Assessment
  • Lower Limb Functional Assessment
  • Accurate Foot Measurement & Footwear Assessment (Footwear Prescription)

Dynamic Foot Pressure & Balance Analysis

  • Postural & Balance Analysis 
  • Dynamic Centre of Pressure Analysis 
  • Foot Contact Timings
  • Force & Pressure Analysis through Phases of Gait
  • Loading Rate through Phases of Gait

Optogait Analysis + Dartfish Video Gait Analysis at 240 fps

  • HD 240 fps Video Gait Analysis 
  • Front, Rear & Side View Analysis
  • Run Technique Analysis & Feedback
  • Identify any Asymmetry in Gait
  • Identify any Left to Right imbalances